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The ideal plan helps you achieve the best small bathroom designs in Wichita. Not every home has a full-size bathroom to work with, which could be a challenge. Working with a small space requires you to be creative when planning the layout. Aside from that, furnishings also affect the final look of the bathroom.

Remodeling a small bathroom is not all disadvantages. Since there is a lesser area to work with, you can save on the cost per square meter. If you have a more flexible budget, you can invest in better, luxurious bathroom fixtures. Energy-saving fixtures are a bit pricey, but they help you save on water and electricity bills in the long run. Check out small bathroom designs and tips on how you can maximize space in your small bathroom.

Bathroom Designs In Wichita KS
  • Make use of gaps. Efficient small bathroom designs have fewer empty spaces in between fixtures. You can install towel rods on the cabinet sides or bare walls. If you need more storage space, you can hang shelves on the wall. These shelves can hang on the wall close to the toilet or tub.

  • Accessorize with functional items. Use Mirrored Bathroom Wichita KS to brighten the room and add style to bare walls. Mirrors can have ornate designs and stylish frames that complement or contrast the bathroom’s colors and shades. Check for other bathroom items that you can turn into decorative features. This way, you will not need more items to add style to the bathroom because you already incorporated them into useful things like the towel rods, racks, and others.

  • Build smarter storage options. Since you will be working with a small bathroom space, you need to be smart with storage. Make sure all items in the bathroom have their own space in the cabinets. Having two or more cabinets might not be the best idea if they take up more floor space. For this reason, you can opt for custom-built vertical cabinets and above the door shelves. It is also possible to store items behind vanity mirrors.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

There are many bathroom designs in Wichita that can help enhance small spaces. Besides adding items, you can make changes to the layout or permanent features such as the floor, walls, etc. If you have enough budget to afford this kind of overhaul, you might want to consider the following:

  • Install one tile design for the whole floor.

    Most of the time, larger Bathroom Flooring Wichita KS, use different tiles for the shower area Smaller tiles can help provide more traction, which is why you usually see these for shower flooring.

    However, you can get anti-slip flooring throughout the whole bathroom so that you can use the same tile design. The bathroom floor will look more extensive due to the continuity of the flooring. This strategy works best with transparent partitions. Additionally, diagonally installed floor tiles also help give the illusion of a more expansive bathroom.

  • Float your vanity and toilet.

    Since the vanity and toilet attach to the wall for them to float, they belong on this list. There is more floor space when you install floating furniture. Since users can see more floor, the bathroom will seem larger. On the plus side, floating vanities are significant contemporary innovations that can serve as the centerpiece of your bathroom. The same principle applies to the toilet. By hiding the tank inside the wall, you get a few inches more space left.

Professional Bathroom Remodeling

Small bathrooms can become big work. It takes planning and skills to create more areas where there is none. Professionals know tricks for bathroom designs in Wichita that most people won’t apply through DIYs. Schedule a consultation with the best service provider in the city today.

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