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A good bathroom layout benefits the remodel. A well-designed home should have functional and stylish bathrooms. Since the layout comes first, it would take an overhaul to change it again. Plus, it would be a costly feat. Bathroom Layout Wichita offers complete remodeling services from designing your layout until the finishing touches.

Planning the small bathroom layout should follow guidelines. Consider the placement of fixtures and clearances between the walls and bathroom large bathroom pieces. Check out the following tips formulated by experts.

  • Extra Space for Movement

    Leave space for foot traffic after placing all bathroom pieces. Know the standard size of major bathroom pieces so that you can visualize how much space they will take. Ensure there is enough clearance between walls so that users can still raise their arms to the sides without hitting fixtures. The doors and windows should be able to swing open without obstruction. Bathroom Designs In Wichita KS, consider pocket doors or barn doors for your bathroom's entryway.

  • Storage for Every Item

    Appropriate storage benefits the organization and cleanliness of your bathroom. If you plan to have another cabinet aside from the ones attached to the vanity, place them in convenient spaces. The empty corners can be the right spot for extra cabinets as they are less likely to disrupt movement. Installing shelves also help provide more storage options. Towel bars and hooks should also be a consideration since they can take up wall space.

  • Bathroom Lighting and Ventilation

    Your small bathroom layout should have a large-enough window that allows natural light and airflow to enter. A well-lit small bathroom will seem more extensive because the brightness can mimic openness. A window in the shower area can act as ventilation and help keep the floor dry. If it is a small window, an adjacent mirror can help make the room much brighter. Since the bathroom should be a private space, consult with Bathroom Layout Wichita about the ideal window size and design for your bathroom.

  • Placement of Toilet Area and Shower Area

    Identify if you want to hide the toilet from view or not. You should not be able to see the toilet from outside the bathroom if the door is left open. Guest bathrooms are likely to have partitions between Bathtubs And Showers Wichita KS area, toilet, and sink. It allows privacy even when another family member has to use the sink or the shower.

  • Freestanding Bathroom Fixtures

    For homeowners who do not have bathroom layout ideas yet, freestanding fixtures will work to your advantage. There are freestanding bathtubs and vanities, which means you can reorganize the layout of the bathroom. Plus, freestanding bathtubs look high-end, especially when they are the focal point of the bathroom. There are still limitations to this strategy because bathtubs need plumbing and some vanities enclose the sink and a few lighting fixtures. It means that faucets and electrical outlets are still significant considerations.

Bathroom Layout And Design Wichita KS

Expert Bathroom Layout Wichita

We offer complete bathroom remodeling services. Our professionals will provide you several options for your bathroom layout, depending on your needs as a homeowner. The first step you can take is to schedule a consultation with our best designers for an in-house evaluation. The designing team can provide you 3D layout designs from online software that visualize your potential new bathroom layout ideas.

We recommend working with professional services for something as crucial as the bathroom layout. Our project management unit will keep everything on schedule. Our team has licensed and certified designers and builders who have worked with many homeowners in Wichita. Rest assured, Bathroom Layout Wichita will build your bathroom without breaking the bank and without making compromises. Call us today!

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