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A vanity can upgrade your bathroom. Small and large bathrooms can benefit from this multifunctional fixture, which accommodates the sink and cabinets. If you have no more space in the bathroom for another Bathroom Cabinets Wichita KS, get one vanity with smart storage options. View beautiful and functional designs from Bathroom Vanity Wichita.

Bathroom Vanities come in various sizes and designs. Prefabricated vanities are standard in most bathrooms since they serve as practical and affordable options. However, if you want a specific style of vanity that exactly fits your bathroom’s dimensions, customize it with the help of the city’s right providers. As experts, we recommend that you check the materials used for your new bathroom vanity in person. Check out more designs for bathroom vanity with sink and customizable features from our product catalogs or visit our stores.

Benefits of Having a Bathroom Vanity

Enjoy the multifunctional benefit of having a bathroom vanity. Since it houses the sink, it can take up more space. Some homeowners prefer double sink vanities, which is mainly for families with kids. The other sink is 32 inches in height to accommodate children. The sink for adults is typically around 43 inches. Here are the pros of having a bathroom vanity.

  • Smart Storage - A vanity has cabinets, which can serve as storage for anything that might look like clutter on the surface. Without a bathroom vanity, it is likely to leave toiletry on top of the tubs, toilet, or the sink. Hide unused items, makeup, and cleaning chemicals inside vanity cabinets to keep your bathroom always organized. It is easier to clean with fewer things.

  • Stylish Options - Bathroom vanities come in many styles. Bathroom Designs In Wichita KS include bold contrasting colors. Some homeowners prefer vintage and antique styles, while others prefer sleek and modern. The great thing about vanities is that it comprises several materials for the cabinet and drawers, handles and pulls, sinks, countertop, and more. So, you can personalize the bathroom vanity with sink and add accessories to it.

  • Valuable Asset - A great vanity is a feature that many homebuyers look for in bathrooms. In case you plan to sell your home in the future, investing in a durable and timeless vanity style can help increase its market price. As a homeowner, you want to leave a good impression on your guests. A unique and stunning bathroom vanity will absolutely wow your visitors.

Bathroom Vanity Wichita KS

Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Inspect your current bathroom layout. If you have more items than storage, it is time to get yourself a new bathroom vanity. There is plenty of Bathroom Vanity Wichita options. Here are a few of our favorite vanity ideas that might interest you, too.

  • Floating Vanity

    More floor space translates to a bigger bathroom area. A floating vanity does not only offer a contemporary feel to your bathroom; it also makes it easier to clean the floor.

  • Open Shelves

    Small bathrooms could use open storage to keep it light and free from enclosed fixtures. Adding an open shelf to the vanity allows you to store towels and other frequently used items without opening drawers.

  • Upcycled Materials

    Our experts can create vanity cabinets from old furniture. If you are going for a rustic bathroom vanity style, repurposed materials will help achieve that. It is a unique feature that will create an exciting vibe in your bathroom.

  • Attached Lighting

    Lighting increases drama to your bathroom. Since many grooming activities happen in front of the vanity, good lighting will work to your convenience. With that said, place your vanity close to an electric outlet and make sure to perform precautionary measures since the sink will be near.

Browse bathroom vanity designs from Bathroom Vanity Wichita for more options. Call our hotline and schedule a consultation with our experts today.

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