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A good bath eases muscle pain from a long day at work. People who enjoy warm and long baths should get superior quality and elegant tubs that will last long. In time, bathtubs can change and can get worn out due to frequent use. View our available tub designs at Bathtubs and Showers Wichita.

Bathtubs and Showers Wichita Replacement

A flawed bathtub can be unattractive. Invest in the right replacement tub for your next remodeling project. Here are a few reasons you should consider changing your old tub.

  • Mold and mildew - This problem might already be present in your bathtub. It is a severe health risk and will reduce the value of your home. Aside from that, they make the tub look disgusting.

  • Leakage - Leaks are difficult to repair and will worsen when you do not deal with it right away. To check for leaks, fill the tub with water and see if the water level decreases. Leaks also cause mold and mildew, so make sure you replace the tub right away.

  • Permanent Stains - Some stains are removable by rigid cleaning. Stains can carry bacteria and germs, which means it is not the best idea to be bathing in a stained bathtub. We recommend getting a replacement tub as soon as possible.

  • Mobility Issues - Older people might have a hard time getting in and out of the bathtub. If you do not want to replace the tub with a shower, you can opt for a walk-in bathtub. It is ideal for family members with special needs that could affect mobility.

Bathtubs And Showers Wichita KS

Get High-Quality Shower

More homeowners are replacing their bathtubs with high-end showers. Quick showers are practical for busy homeowners because there is no need for a bathtub that you would not use. Showers also help save space in small bathrooms. Check out the benefits of Bathroom Remodel Ideas In Wichita KS from Bathtubs and Showers Wichita.

  • Plenty of Options

    Our shower products are made from the best materials. Whether you need granite slabs, natural stone, or ceramic tiles with customized shapes, we can provide you these products. We have a long list of shower products in different colors, shades, and patterns. Guaranteed, you will find the right items to realize the shower design you always wanted.

  • Additional Value

    Bathroom Remodeling Costs Wichita KS, but you can rest assured there will not be any compromise with the functionality and design. We also offer custom shower installation for shower areas with particular styles. Customized bathroom features add personality and value to the whole bathroom, which is advantageous when you decide to sell your home in the future.

  • Safety and Comfort

    Our professionals make sure homeowners understand the importance of anti-slip shower area flooring. Working with experts helps ensure the shower area has safety bars. The walls and the shower component should be easy to clean, as well.

Consider Bathtub Shower Combination

Small bathrooms can benefit from having a tub and shower in one room. The tub shower combination is the ideal option for bathrooms that lack space. Homeowners can choose to have a quick shower or a long warm bath at the same place.

All the elements of the bathtub shower should be durable because it is a multifunctional fixture. Replacement parts are available in our products list. You can customize the tub shower parts to suit the design of your bathroom.

Professional Installation Services

Browse our bathtubs and showers catalog or visit our showroom to view the products in real life. Our services cater to customized bathroom pieces, as well. We want to ensure the completion of the project on time and within your budget. Start your bathroom remodeling by scheduling a consultation with our experts. Call Bathtubs and Showers Wichita today!

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