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The master bathroom is usually the largest in the house. It is typically within the master bedroom or adjacent to it. For this reason, both rooms are likely to match or complement each other. It may seem easy for many homeowners to design a master bathroom considering they already have a basis. Learn more about how to design an excellent Master Bathroom Remodel.

There is no limit to how elaborate you can design your bathroom as far as the master bathroom remodel cost and space allow. Master bathrooms are usually large enough to accommodate standard size fixtures such as a Bathtubs And Showers Wichita KS, Bathroom Vanity Wichita KS & Cabinets. What makes this room special is the larger space and more functionality it offers.

Master Bathroom Remodel Wichita KS


Homeowners treat their master bathroom as a replacement for their favorite spa. With more personalized features and items, it is easier to feel relaxed in a luxurious master bathroom in your own house. These days, you can get your hands on high-end fixtures so that you can indulge in your own retreat space.

The layout of the master bathroom affects its accessibility and overall style. We recommend working with professional bathroom remodelers who can assist you with the right designs, materials, and cost allocation. For expert advice on upgrading your master bath, consider the following factors for your master bath remodel.

Visit different showrooms or browse magazines to get ideas for your master bathroom project. It helps when you know what style you want to achieve. Talk to your trusted master bathroom remodel professionals who can help you mix and match the designs you found while still sticking to the concept of your master bathroom project.

The quality of the materials is essential because you want your bathroom to last for years. For master bathrooms, it is acceptable to purchase expensive fixtures as long as they offer excellent functionality, style, and durability. Homeowners usually pick Granite countertops, chic shower systems, exquisite bathtubs, and other high-end items.

Extravagant accessories are allowed on your master bath remodel. Lighting fixtures can bring the room together. Choose soft light with elegant shade designs or hang a chandelier over the tub. If you spend a long time in the tub, you might want to consider a flat-screen TV or sound system as entertainment options. Some master bathrooms incorporate gold on the rims and edges of bathroom fixtures.

Current Master Bath Trends

Back then, giant tubs were popular in master bathrooms. Instead of investing in a bathtub with different jet settings, more people are getting a standard tub so they can splurge on something they can enjoy more often. These days, lavish shower areas with upscaled shower systems are more preferred by homeowners. Your deluxe showerhead options are as follows: dual shower heads, panel shower, rainfall shower, ceiling showerheads, and the body spray shower. If you want to have a specific design for your shower, discuss the system with a professional designer who can plan the project correctly and provide you with ideal solutions in cases of discrepancies.

Master Bath Remodeling Cost

The master bathroom remodel cost for a large space can go as high as $12,000 for a 210-square foot area. If you are looking to splurge on luxurious bathroom fixtures, this remodel will cost you around $58,000. This budget will provide you high-quality materials, gorgeous designs, and a sophisticated bathroom layout. A project this big should have organization and planning by the best bathroom remodelers in the city.

Whether you need a few minor tweaks to your master bathroom or you want to change the whole layout, working with professionals will be beneficial to you. Schedule a consultation with us for your Master Bathroom Remodel. Call us today!

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